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Adela Fryhover

Grand Master Yogini & Instructor



Recognized and certified by Yoga Alliance India, and Yoga-Alliance-International, and RYT- 500 as a Master Level Instructor, Adela Fryhover is also certified with Yoga Alliance, USA, E-RYT 200 & RYT 500. 


Adela's journey began in India, where she lived and devoted herself to the study of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy in New Delhi, under the direct guidance and discipleship of Swami Vidyananda, Founder & President of SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, Yoga-Alliance-India & Yoga-Alliance-International. She received her Grand Master level certification in Transformational Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and prenatal yoga, and spent three years under Swami Vidyananda apprenticing and completing more than 3,400 hours of in-class Yoga training in addition to several hundred hours of Yoga Philosophy. While in India Adela also studied Ayurveda and is a certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor from Atma Jagriti Research, Training and Healing Center, New Delhi.


Having led Teacher Trainings throughout the world, Adela is currently teaching Hatha Yoga at PLAY Studio, and at Coral Gables Athletic Club. She also offers one-on-one private sessions for those that have specific needs and require individualized attention.  (Please note that during this COVID19 period, all classes are via Zoom).


Involved in the medical community, Adela also teaches Science of the Body, Mind and Spirit to patients at Miami's Lennar Foundation Medical Center, where modern medicine supports the practice of Yoga and meditation, finding it of positive impact in many ways, including regulating blood glucose levels and keeping the cardiovascular system healthy.

Adela’s own struggle with chronic pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis motivates her practice of Yoga. She refuses to accept limitations and credits lifestyle changes along with Transformational Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra with finding balance, peace and living with awareness. 


Blending science and spirituality, Adela believes that holistic healing starts from within. She believes mother nature provides us with many natural medicines some of which include fresh air, healthy foods, water, sleep, lifestyle, sunshine, a clear blue sky, even a smile, along with the power of constructive thought.  Excited to share what she has learned, Adela hopes that she may help others to benefit through Yoga. 

Letter from Adela

Namaste current and future Yogis,

I can't say that I began to practice yoga to reach enlightenment...

I had just left my comfortable life in Miami to follow my husband to India. At the time, I suffered from chronic pain, severe joint stiffness due to rheumatoid arthritis, and a doctor had told me that I would have limited mobility by age 35. I was fighting against negative emotions, and my mood was at the mercy of external circumstances.


Despite the culture shock, deep down, I felt I was there for a reason. So in India, I continued with my yoga routine - something I only did in Miami to stay in shape. 


But soon, the same flows felt different. Learning about the deeper emotional and spiritual ties of yoga opened my eyes to something more. It was no longer about flat abs. It was about surrendering to the poses, connecting with my breath, surrendering to the moment, and reaching a place that allowed me to navigate through the chaos and colors of life from a place of inner peace. I remember a specific moment when I placed my forehead onto the mat during child pose and gave myself permission to just be. I finally accepted my condition and made peace with it from within. Deepening my yoga practice and knowledge about this ancient practice created a safe place where I could let go, knowing that everything would be ok.


Transformational Hatha Yoga transformed me in ways that I would have never predicted. My spiritual journey even brought me to meet the Balinese medicine man, Ketut Liyer, mentioned in Eat Pray Love. The half-blind spiritual guru looked deeper than my palm, and said: “Listen to your heart, quiet the mind and keep doing Yoga, but spread the knowledge to others”  and so I did. I began treating my body like a temple by nourishing it with self-love, feeding my spiritual, psychic, physical, and mental being. I felt a true sense of why we are here on this planet. Combining my practice with a course on Meditation and Ayurveda eventually reduced my chronic pain. I felt alive and capable in spite of what the doctor had told me. 


Transformational Hatha Yoga is for everyBODY! My intention is to embody universal love and to allow it to flow compassionately in sessions for deep restoration, transformation, healing, rejuvenating, chakra cleansing and awakening, healing the spirit, mind and body. 


I no longer feel limited. To anyBODY wanting to unearth their true selves, deepen their yoga practice and further their knowledge of the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga, I hope you will join me this SUMMER, July 7- Sept 5, 2020 for our on-line 200HR- Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. This training is approved and registered with Yoga Alliance. You will gain the core yogic knowledge you need to become an exceptional Yoga Instructor while participating in this interactive yoga course online. During this unprecedented time, Yoga Alliance has allowed us to go online and use Yoga to help others navigate this global pandemic.


Come transform and unveil your true potential and take away much more than a teaching certificate.


Yoga is an endless journey within.

In love and light,



"Adela is not just a yoga teacher, she is a yoga MASTER, and that comes through during Adela's classes and any interaction outside of class too!  Her Hatha yoga treats the body and mind equally and I am in awe of the effect it has on the mind, as most yoga classes don't have much effect on me other than the physical.  Adela's classes are calming and put me in a place of alignment which leaves me less anxious and more focused, and my day goes better as a result".

-Elizabeth G.

“Adela's classes are wonderful!  They are very relaxing and help me start the day in a calm frame of mind.  She takes us through a range of different poses and focuses a lot on breathing and unlocking tensions.  These classes have helped release tensions in my back and neck".  
-Philippa L.

"Adela is passionate yet calm.  Her sessions have really transformed me in so many ways".

-Cathy P

"Adela is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge!"

-Kaya F

Gyan Mudra

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